LJ-3060 — Bore Buster®

The Bore Buster® increases the quality and speed of handrail installation. This tool bores precision perpendicular or angled holes in straight or curved wooden handrails. The Bore Buster® is lightweight but extremely tough. It has precision pitch controls and fits LJ-6010, LJ-6109, LJ-6210, LJ-6400, LJ-6519, LJ-6601, LJ-6701, LJ-6900, LJ-6A10 and LJ-6B10 handrail profiles. This tool permits fast, accurate rail bolt holes to be drilled. The Bore Buster® fits most power drills and our LJ-3031 Chuck-Buster.

Comes in hard carrying case and includes:

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9/32" twist bit

3/8" twist bit

5/8" Bore Buster® bit

3/4" Bore Buster® bit

1" Bore Buster® bit

Bit file

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